Back to NYC, back to reality

I had a rather dreary week-long visit in California, and it looks like the weather in NYC will be anything but an improvement. The city is expecting snow tonight, and call me crazy, but a part of me hopes my flight is canceled and I get one more day in the bay area. Sure the rain has been miserable, but anything is better than windchill or snowfall! New Years Eve and the coming days will be fun, but at the moment, I’m dreading leaving my home state. It’s one thing to return to good things, but that’s not totally applicable to me right now.

As I keep saying, however, 2013 will be different. Hell, tomorrow could be different too. I just need to actively focus on leading a positive life, not let winter dictate my attitude, and accept the hand I’ve been dealt and dealt for myself. Besides, I’ve got a novel coming out next month or in February, so how about we toast and drink to that?

It’s been real, California, and it’s been real fun:

Backyard view <3
Backyard view ❤

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