In 2013, I will…

Want, all the time!
Want, all the time!

Drink less coffee.
Join a less expensive gym.
Buy something from Kate Spade once a month.
Clean out my closet every two months.
Buy a blender to make smoothies this summer.
Go to more brunches once the weather improves.
See “Book of Mormon.”
Write more, duh.
Wear more boring clothes.
Exercise 3-4 times a week as opposed to my current 2-3 day per week schedule.
Go on more vacations.
See the dentist more frequently.
Go to bed earlier.
Write in my journal every week.
Update my blog more frequently.
Visit and contact my family more often.
Read more.
Say “yes” more.
Maintain good posture.
Wake up earlier everyday.
Go out with friends more.
Publish my e-book.
Start another.
Write more letters to my grandma.
Attend more yoga classes.
Try a rock climbing gym in Brooklyn.
Fix my laptop mouse.
Sweep my apartment more often.
Eat veggies once a month.
Buy a microwave.
Learn to love proper dates.
Stop getting creeped out by nice guys.
Have more in-person communication with people I care about.
Text less — and ask people to text me less, as it’s not as good as phone conversations or face-to-face chats.
Continue going on dates.
Scare someone into being my boyfriend.
Cook pasta less.
Cook meat more.
Get comfortable with having my picture taken.
Start doing sit-ups again.
Visit Boston.
Learn to tolerate wine.


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