Of course Dunkin’ Donuts was open on New Year’s Day — Chipotle and Shake Shack, however, were not

New Year’s Eve 2013 didn’t disappoint, but I should have known it would be flawless. In New York, it’s impossible not to enjoy the holiday, unless of course you’re freezing your balls off in Times Square while one percent-ers host and entertain for the show. As you can probably guess, I was not in Times Square last night. Jen and I went to a Murray Hill bar, where we met some fascinating people and had a really awesome time.

Dunkin Donuts logo
Dunkin Donuts logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All was well until about 1 p.m. on New Year’s Day, when I decided to venture out into the city for comfort food after a tiring yoga class and gym workout. I got to Chipotle to see it was closed, and I ran into the same problem at Shake Shack. I understand New Year’s Day is a calendar holiday and what not, but don’t these businesses know they missed a great opportunity by taking the day off in the hours following New Year’s Eve, when everyone is tipsy and in need of greasy meals? I can promise you I wasn’t hungover today — I just wanted a burrito bowl. Is it so wrong to want to start my year with a lovely mix of sour cream, fluffy chips, fiery hot sauce, cheese, chicken, beans, and lettuce? Sigh.

Never fear, though. Dunkin’ Donuts was open, not a big surprise given that they worked throughout the week-long Hurricane Sandy psychodrama. Chipotle and Shake Shack, follow suit and quit slacking before the entire twenty-something demographic finds a new hangover cure fast food joint. Or, you know, cooks instead. Believe me, I would have made my own burritos if I could have. I’ve done it countless times. Our apartment building is without gas for a month (!!!) because the folks at ConEd just now realized our pipes and gas supply were damaged during Sandy, meaning Jen and I can’t use our stove or oven to prepare food. Cooking has never been my forte, but I still miss being able to heat soup, make macaroni and chicken tacos, and boil milk. Long story short, I can’t whip up burritos myself for a while, so if Chipotle can’t even do that for me, well, I have some rough road ahead. I’m basically living like the folks in Les Miserables, which I saw this evening. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house all night. I choked up more than once, but was especially moved by Eponine’s performance of “On My Own.” Quite a universal feeling, no?


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