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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but New York photographers charge quite a pretty penny to take headshots and typically offer customers the bare minimum amount of portraits and edits. That’s why I turned to my longtime childhood friend, Day Bernstein-Freeman, a skilled photographer, to take my snapshots for my upcoming e-book. She’s a swift perfectionist with a lot of love for her craft, and she’s more than generous with her time and supplies.

If you’re ever in the bay area and in need of snapshots of any kind, call Day for an estimate. She’s fun and easy to work with, and anyone can see just how much she loves what she does. Here are the results of our photo shoot. I’ve chosen one of the pics for the back of my e-book…can you guess which one?


Laura_Donovan_064 (1)


Laura_Donovan_047 (1)




Cheesy for sure, but kind of sweet, right?

Cheesy for sure, but kind of sweet, right?

Thank you, Daylynn!