Pinterest is going to make me poor and fat

Cookie dough and ice creamI took a couple months of Pinerest, a lovely, inspiring distraction, last fall to devote more time to my blog. Though I could always come out with more blog posts, I recently resurrected my Pinterest account to get me through the winter. I’m surviving this season all right…on ice cream, pasta dishes, and OpenSky browsing.

As I’ve said before, Pinterest helps users decide who they want to be and what exactly their dream lives would entail. It makes you strive for more, even though its “banned” Thinspo movement was (and unfortunately still continues to be) terrible in so many ways. I don’t visit Pinterest to see images of six-pack abs on women, but I do go to the site for cute animals snapshots, Kate Spade bags, and pictures of delicious desserts. And guess what? I can’t.stop.eating.goodies. I even created a “What I’ll Pig Out On While Pregnant” board, which is less than a day old and already has 50 pins:

What I'll pig out on while pregnant

Pinterest, you make me a better person in that:

a). you inspire me to someday earn a ton of money so I can turn this board into a reality.

b). you actually make me want to learn how to do that thing called cooking.

c). you bring out my sensitive, “The Notebook”-obsessed side.

d). you give me yet another platform to brag about my nephews and nieces.

e). you enable me to promote my articles in a creative, visual manner.

All of that seems awesome, but I won’t be tiny or stable forever if I keep adding items to my “Good Food,” style, and wannabe pregnancy boards. Rather than pin snapshots of places I’d like to see, I should just plan a trip somewhere awesome a long way down the road. I won’t be leaving NYC anytime soon, but as everyone knows, it’s important to look forward, not live in the past, which is something I’ve gotten away with for far too long.

So, Pinterest, it’s been real but I’m going to stop pinning edible and absurdly expensive items for a while. And unfollow the ladies who don’t realize the Thinspo movement was, you know, banned for being the embodiment of all our culture’s problems.


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