So what’s my novel, ‘The Wingmen’ about? Here’s the book jacket description :)

As many of you know, “The Wingmen” is coming out sometime this week (I’ve been obsessively editing the proofs since the beginning of the year. Sorry for the delay, but sorry I’m not sorry that I worry too much).

"The Wingmen" by ME!
“The Wingmen” by ME!

Some of you already know what it’s about, but in case you don’t, here’s the back cover description:

Like many 17-year-olds, doe-eyed Molly Doyle walked into her final year of high school assuming it would be all about college planning, prom, graduation, and adventures with friends. Though mourning the end of her first relationship and nursing a broken heart, Molly believed she led a rather charmed existence: she had a highly motivated but fun social circle, a position in student government, a sophisticated older brother and sister-in-law, easygoing parents, and a bright future, but when her adoring father was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer on Thanksgiving Day, she realized there would be more to her senior year than the standard teenage experience.

At the same point in time, Molly’s former boyfriend and first love was just getting settled at Harvard and behaving cold and apathetic toward her, adding insult to injury because she still had feelings for him. A bittersweet novel of love and loss, THE WINGMEN tackles the paradox between trying to experience the joys of youth and having no choice but to grow up and endure something most people don’t face until adulthood.

Get psyched! 😀


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