Thanks to everyone who has supported me and ‘The Wingmen’

"The Wingmen" by ME!
“The Wingmen” by ME!

I haven’t updated my blog for a few days, and I probably shouldn’t be doing so right now (I have to wake up in four hours for a train to DC), but I owe my audience a big “thank you” for encouraging me throughout my book publishing process and being such loyal friends. I’ve been so overwhelmed and touched by all the support I’ve gotten over “The Wingmen,” and while I don’t take any of it for granted, I will say that I haven’t been the greatest person to be around lately, thanks to the icy hell that is winter on the east coast.

January is my least favorite month, and this 16 degree weather and I will never, ever get along. It’s also rather unpleasant to slip on slushy sidewalks when simply trying to get from A to B. There are a few other reasons why I’m not in the greatest place right now, but I want to thank everyone who has reminded me that summer will be here soon enough, and so will more amazing opportunities. Thank you Anna, Derek, Jazmine, my coworkers, Matt Lewis, Crystal, and everybody else who has cheered me on and promised that good things will come soon enough. I’m starting to see that you were all correct, and I apologize for ever seeming ungrateful or out of sorts. Most of all, I owe my mom a big thank you for taking pride in my work even when I’ve lacked the confidence or character to do so myself. I couldn’t ask for a better family!

As I travel to DC tomorrow, I’ll remember how lucky I am to have such an awesome, unbreakable support network. Sorry if I haven’t been my “relentlessly cheerful” (as an old boss put it) self lately, but I’ll certainly be this way over the weekend. 🙂

Now who wants to hang out with me in DC?!

DC 2008
My mom and me in DC five years ago!

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