Being a BuzzFeed Top 10 user makes up for my outsider childhood

I may not have been a cool kid in the early 2000s, but that’s definitely applicable to me now that I’ve shot up the ranks at BuzzFeed! Who’s the most popular person in town NOW?! THIS GUY!


I know, I know, I’m way too excited about an Internet accolade, but what’s wrong with celebrating something small every once in a while? I certainly haven’t been doing enough of that lately, and with the gloomy winter weather, we could all use a little more cheer. So there you go, I’m gloating. Feel free to do the same about…anything.

I received the award for garnering nearly 100,000 hits on my “Malcolm in the Middle” Krelboyne slideshow. Good to know I’m not the only fool out there who still has a massive boner soft spot for the show. As my buddy Crystal can tell you, I had an unhealthy obsession with the sitcom and its star Frankie Muniz in sixth grade. I’m going to publish an essay on it someday. I used to carry around photographs of Muniz, enraging all my friends and worrying my parents and siblings. One day, Crystal tore up my wrinkled magazine cut-out of Muniz before advising me to seek help. And I didn’t. I just sobbed and continued obsessing. But guess what, Crystal? My pathetic love for the series and its main actor served me well thirteen years after the fact, and you know why? Because I wasn’t alone in loving all-things “Malcolm in the Middle.” Millenials everywhere adored it just as much as I did, I just didn’t get to “meet” them during childhood. We all convened on the Interwebs more than a decade later. Better late than never, especially for me!

From left: Nikita, me, Frankie Muniz on my lap, Lauren, and Crystal.
From left: Nikita, me, Frankie Muniz on my lap, Lauren, and Crystal.

Here’s us now…way more together, duh:

From left: Lauren, Nikita, Crystal, and me
From left: Lauren, Nikita, Crystal, and me


The moral of the story, children, is that you should always embrace your weirdness, eccentricities, and peculiarities. You’ll grow up to be a creative, successful, fun adult thanks to your awesome differences. Alexandra Robbins agrees!

On a less-happy note, I’m currently watching “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” at the suggestion of my pal Derek, with whom I saw “Contagion” and episode three of “Girls” last night. He said good things about the 9/11-centered movie, but it’s actually rather tragic, and all I want to do is hug the poor main character. “Contagion” is unsettling as well. Maybe I need to quit consulting him on films. At any rate, “Girls” was pretty entertaining last night, as usual.

Now if only I could step outside in a sundress. You know what’s weird? I haven’t had any sunshine dreams yet. For my first two winters on the east coast, I dreamed of sunshine, beaches, warmth, and heat at least once a week. They tormented me, as I hated waking up to snowfall, rain, gloominess, or all the above! Though this winter has been my worst yet back east, I haven’t had any deceptive dreams in a year. I would sure like to retire all my winter apparel…Some of my friends have joked that my jacket resembles a sleeping bag. I need to wear two pairs of gloves, two hats, a sweater, tights, and a coat just to survive! For how much longer do I have to keep doing this? All I want is to say bye to my sleeping bag and pull my flip-flops out of the closet. When that day finally comes, I’ll have to start getting bi-monthly pedicures again. Not complaining! It’s the only spa service I actually enjoy.


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