Why I’m beyond thrilled to wear boring clothes again

I may or may not have gloated about mentioned this yet, but I’m officially an associate culture editor at PolicyMic, which is only the best new news site around 😀

After about two months out of the game, I can’t tell you how relieved and great it feels to be working full-time again. I love having structure, a routine, purpose, people counting on me, a reason to wear boring clothes and big girl pants, keeping busy, going to bed at a decent hour, waking up at 6:30, challenging myself, writing, editing, and getting to know new and talented people. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more motivated team than that of PM, and their positive energy and unstoppable work ethic has really rubbed off on me!

Here they all are, and perhaps in six months time, we’ll take another group shot and you’ll find me somewhere in it:

The PolicyMic gang
The PolicyMic gang

We may be expecting an epic snowstorm this week, but things sure are looking up!


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