My newest addiction: OpenSky!

I’ve never been one to enjoy shopping, but shortly after moving to NYC nearly a year and a half (!!!) ago, I realized I had to adapt to my surroundings, retire my Antarctica style, and begin taking pride in my appearance. I started small by browsing Forever 21 and H&M weekly and eventually retreated to Banana Republic and The Limited for work clothes. Someday I’ll have the resources to throw Kate Spade heels into my shopping bag left and right, but let’s not get too carried away. If all those vendors aren’t high brow enough for you, you can laugh, but just know I’m very proud of the developments I’ve made over the past 14 months or so. I actually take pleasure in internet shopping, perhaps because it’s less time-consuming and overwhelming than stepping into a store with blaring music, stressful lighting, limited sizes, and long changing room lines.

I have taken a liking to OpenSky, which my roommate Jen introduced to me and describes as “Twitter meets Gilt Groupe.” Basically, you follow prominent media figures and celebrities (i.e., Lauren Conrad, Monet Mazur, Ali Fedotowsky, etc.) who recommend their favorite discounted products. So far, I’ve purchased three OpenSky items, all of which I adore and have been complimented on:



I’m tempted to buy this dress, crafted by ever-talented businesswoman Ivanka Trump, next. What do you think: does it look silly and too little girlish, or can I pull it off? (Anna Swenson, I know you’re reading this even though you’re in Vegas, and I’d like an answer STAT because you’re my own personal fashion cop!):

Ivanka Trump pink dress
Ivanka Trump pink dress

Or this?

If you couldn’t already tell, I miss summer and bright clothing. I’m all pastel colors, all the time! Now give me some damn sun to dance around under.


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