The full story on the passing of Jose Perez, 87th Street’s beloved homeless man

A couple of months ago, I posted a blog entry about the mysterious death of Jose Perez, the adored homeless man who lived beneath an awning on 87th Street and 2nd Avenue. I initially assumed he’d passed away during Hurricane Sandy, and while I have no way of knowing for sure what exactly happened to the well-loved guy with an equally charming dog named Shorty (even the Times didn’t have an answer for that), I have been receiving some messages in the comments section about how Perez met his demise. Here’s one I found particularly helpful:

I knew Jose. He passed from what appeared to be a heart attack but he had many health issues. Shorty is well taken care of by one of Jose’s friends, who Jose wanted to keep Shorty should anything happen to him. We miss Jose. Shorty comes visit that corner with his new person, weather permitting, Saturdays around 2pm. People bring him treats, play with him for a while, and he seems to really enjoy. But he’s doing well and is happy, and very much loved.RIP Jose. — Mai

So tragic. I’m glad little Shorty survived, but I’m sure he misses his owner all the time. At any rate, you can see Shorty as well as Perez’s memorial if you visit the designated spot on Saturday afternoons. I definitely want to know how the pup is really doing these days.

Jose Perez memorial
Jose Perez memorial

Don’t forget to read the Times obit as well. He was a huge part of our neighborhood and we miss his peaceful, happy disposition every time we walk past his home base.


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