I can get behind any wedding that plays the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme song during the ceremony

Fun story: This weekend, one of my good friends from college tied the knot! It was a quiet, efficient affair in northern Virginia, but one I’ll never forget. I was especially impressed by the fact that she and her betrothed exchanged rings with the “Beauty and the Beast” theme song playing in the background.


Sorry, Tracey, but I’m going to have to copy you. “Beauty and the Beast” was the first movie I ever saw, and because he could never say no to his daughters, my dad took me to see it in theaters multiple times in winter 1991. It’s only fitting that I incorporate it into my own ceremony someday.

Beauty and the Beast on VHS. Still have it!
Beauty and the Beast on VHS. Still have it!

Anyway, if that’s not the greatest idea ever, I’m not sure what is.

Belle and the Beast


As for the wedding itself, I had a blast, and I also finally had a chance to don my dog-print dress:


All I need is for summer to arrive NOW so I can wear more than just my disgusting sleeping bag coat, stretched mom jeans, ripped tights, useless mittens, hair-tangling scarves, and battered boots. I wouldn’t normally curse in my blog, but winter, you can go fuck yourself. Thanks for making me dress like a frumpy freakshow six months out of the year.


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