You know it’s a good day when you become a Kindle bestseller

All right, all right, I know you must be sick of all my gloating and shameless self-promotion, but let me ask you this: how would you feel if you carried a story around with you for nearly seven years, sent it out into the world before it could totally dictate (and ruin) the rest of your life, and developed a solid audience after immense uncertainty and reluctance? Relieved and free, and you’d probably annoy those around you at least a little bit.

Honestly, I’m just so glad to have this book, which has been haunting me since freshman year of college, out in the open. I’ve dreamed of this day thousands of times, and only now do I feel justified for all the times I thought people would actually crack it open and dive into the plot. Sure my book has some typos (so does “Fifty Shades”!), but it’s as done as it’ll ever be, and so far, I’ve heard nothing but positive things (although I welcome the negative, too!). My favorite comment comes from my friend/former coworker Heather, who says it captures the YA voice well. Several people say the main character Molly is charming and endearing, and that’s exactly how I wanted her to be perceived. She makes a lot of dumb choices in the book, but that’s part of being a hopeful teenager.

At any rate, today I participated in KDP Select’s free promo period, which made my book a top-selling teen and contemporary fiction book!


This was even cooler to see — that’s MY BOOK a few spaces away from J.K. Rowling’s novel:

Needless to say, I’m pleased, especially since I have a few more promo dates left and those will help keep my book at the top of the charts.

It’s not too late for you to download your free Kindle copy! Do it before midnight and I’ll love you forever.

So yeah, it’s really nice to finally set this story free. Now I have more time to work on my next project, which will be…God knows what! Stay tuned.


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