America runs on Dunkin'

America runs on Dunkin’

Ever since I bought my beloved Keurig, I haven’t been to Dunkin’ Donuts, of which I used to be foursquare mayor. For more than six months, I visited the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street, and I guess the staff has missed my presence (let’s be real: business).

Anyway, I went back this morning and one of the female employees started flipping out and asking where I’d been all this time. With my own coffee maker, duh! She went on to give me a form for a free doughnut. I said I’d fill it out, to which she responded, “Really, you should. You deserve a free doughnut.”


I didn’t need to document this unusual, pointless experience to show you how awesome DD is, but you can never have too many reminders 🙂