For the shortest month of the year, February feels insanely long

How many of you are as excited for February to end as I am? Why has this month felt so slow and painful? January was colder than February, so I can’t keep complaining that the weather’s doing it.

Regardless, February has been fairly good to “The Wingmen,” which y’all need to order and read if you haven’t already done so! Send your reviews my way as well, and get ready for my second free promo on Friday! Last time, you got me to #61 on Amazon…Get me to number one!

The Wingmen by Laura Donovan


So, as Molly’s dad would say, “Will you be my wingman?” Please say yes. I’m actually without a wingman at the moment, and lord knows I don’t walk well alone, at least during colder months.

What else, what else? Oh, PM interviewed me about my joining the staff! Feel free to read and/or share, I had quite a fun time interacting with the commenters on my goals for the site. Some were surprised I call myself a conservative and read “left-leaning” publications such as Slate, The Atlantic, Jezebel, The Week, etc. Here’s what I have to say to that: I don’t believe in limiting myself, and it helps me to read the work of writers I don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with. And, you know, I don’t exactly think all Republicans should be following WND 24/7. No thank you.



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