Is this not the most egotistical, self-assured note ever? Oy:

laura 2


And I wrote this right before moving from Los Angeles to northern California. Crazy to think I documented that! This was pre-Crystal, Nikita, Lauren, and everything, really. My life didn’t fully start until I trekked up to the bay. At any rate, here’s the note:

laura 3


A part of me wants to be more like this 9-year-old girl. I know what you’re probably thinking: Laura, your head doesn’t need to get any bigger than it already is! But believe me, I don’t exude the same kind of confidence as my elementary school persona did. Is that a good or bad thing? What do you guys think? Should I tell myself I’m the best thing ever every single day, even if I know I’d be lying to myself, or keep focusing on self-improvement? Blargh.