Thanks for all the glowing reviews of ‘The Wingmen’!

It’s been great to receive so much positive feedback for my book “The Wingmen,” which will be free tomorrow only on the Kindle! Be sure to download and spread the word if you haven’t already done so, and thanks to everyone who has been really supportive this whole time.

The Wingmen by Laura Donovan

If you weren’t a fan, I’m still interested in your perspective, so please feel free to share your thoughts. Do tell!

So what else have I been doing since publishing “The Wingmen”? Working on my new project, which I recently blogged about. I’m working a lot as well, and I’m also pretty excited about gym I just joined. Beforehand, I was part of a fitness center downtown, and it has been great to work out down the street. In addition to exercising, yoga-ing, and writing more, I’m also on a mission to eat better.

I recently had a terrible experience at the gastroenterologist, who I went to visit for stomach pains. She was very helpful but scolded me for being a ball of nerves and stressful person. We concluded that I could use a healthier diet, and I think I’m going to stop consuming white bread. As excited I am about the lifestyle change, I’m still reluctant to go to medical professionals, especially if they’re going to food and stress-shame me!


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