Please don’t tell me I broke another toe tripping into something

My best buddy and I getting pedicures in D.C. summer 2011
My best buddy and I getting pedicures in D.C. summer 2011

Remember that time 100 years ago (and by 100 years ago, I mean two summers ago) when I broke one of my toes on a walk home from the D.C. metro? For one, it’s crazy to think about how much has happened since that disastrous night. Two years, three jobs (!!!), three apartments, and countless adventures and misadventures later, I’m in New York, not stuffy D.C. My toe has never been the same since that particular clumsy moment (every time I get a pedicure, the lady doing my feet always asks why one of my toes is swollen and wiggly), and I may have just damaged another one (or three).

Earlier this evening, I stubbed my right pinky toe into the edge of my couch. It was so painful, I lost my vision for a few seconds before toppling over. Now my foot is numb and it hurts to walk. Knowing my luck (and lack of coordination), I’ll have broken or at least sprained all my toes before the end of my life. My mom broke all her toes in the early 90s, and you better believe they’re ridiculously sensitive to this day. I could say the moral of the story is to be more careful, but there’s no way I can avoid running into things or stumbling over myself, which tends to happen a lot in the good weather. It’s the only downside to summer and spring, I suppose 🙂

Hopefully this doesn’t affect my charity walk on Saturday. I don’t want to miss out on it!


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