Herbal Essences, why did you bring back the orgasm commercial?

The Herbal Essences orgasm shtick made me highly uncomfortable (well, mostly just annoyed) in middle school, so I was relieved when the ridiculous commercials stopped flashing across my TV screen, embarrassing me to no end in front of my equally unimpressed parents.

Apparently the marketing team for the shampoo/conditioner purveyor decided nostalgia always prevails and is once again subjecting me and many others to these loud, over-the-top, unoriginal ads.

This commercial has popped up on my screen countless times the past few days, and Jen and I are not amused:

First of all, the airplane experience is even more miserable now than it was ten years ago, so if someone is getting off in one of those tiny restrooms, well, I want to learn her secret, but I know it’s not Herbal Essences.

Seriously, though. Nothing justifies resurrecting this ad. Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and Joan Holloway would be horrified, and they’ve seen it all! From what I’ve observed on “Mad Men” and gleaned from my friends in advertising, the field is cutthroat, but we’ve gotta be better than this. Herbal Essences, be better than this. The good old days were not, in fact, so good, at least in the world of your commercials.

Now that I’ve gotten my daily ginger rampage out of the way, I have some positive news to share. I’m going to start taking improv comedy classes every Saturday. I was really involved with drama until college, when I threw myself into writing full force, but I’ve always loved performing, and last week’s Boston Marathon tragedy put a lot of things into perspective for me. I’m beginning to see I need another creative outlet aside from writing. It has always been the love of my life and the one thing I feel confident I can do (or at least fake well), but I need some variety and to push myself in another way. I may as well take advantage of NYC’s acting opportunities, and I feel much more sure of myself now than I did at 14/15, when I was told straight up that I just didn’t have the looks to work in the entertainment industry.

High school!
High school!

Ten years later, plenty of unconventionally pretty people have thriving acting careers, and they have their own niche. I’ve especially been inspired by Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari (both funny and attractive people), and I also love Ophira Eisenberg and the incomparable Louis C.K. (even though we only have our hair color in common), so the more comedians I can watch and learn from, the better. Any suggestions? I’ll be attending more comedy shows in the near future, so I’ll surely find some gems at those.

Wish me luck as I dive (OK, more like wade the waters of the shallow end) back into the acting world. My skills are rusty, so I consider this a clean slate, but I think I can find a niche for myself as many actors these days do. Tabula rasa is just what I need right now.


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