‘I love you, you idiot’ is the best line ever uttered on TV

i love you you idiotSo here’s a sad (or endearing, whatever you want to make of it) story: I haven’t said “I love you” romantically (or sober) since 2007. The last instance was 2009 … after more drinks than I’d like to admit and being destined to a life of embarrassment. With that, I’m not what you’d call seasoned in the love arena, but I do know that the next time I say it to someone will go a little something like this “Gilmore Girls” scene, in which exasperated high school student Rory tells her hostile, easily angered boyfriend Dean, “Because I love you, you idiot.” Cue to 1:50:


But, knowing my luck, it will pan out like this after I finally put myself out there again:

No awesome sauce for me, Andy!


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