2013 is almost halfway over, and I’m ready for a clean slate before summer

I spent the end of 2012 ranting about how much I wanted it to end. My good friend Crystal shared a similar sentiment about the year — it felt particularly toxic and uninspiring. We wanted the clean slate that comes with a new year, and I certainly got mine on New Years Eve. 2013 has been awesome so far: I landed a new job, left my babysitting gig (which was fun but not something I wanted to do long-term), and made a bunch of new friends at work and beyond. My honeymoon stage with 2013 ended in April, however, so I’m ready for a fresh start this summer.

It’s not that anything is going wrong — I’m actually pretty stoked about the approach of spring, but it’s important for me to stop holding onto relationships that have fizzled or simply don’t benefit anyone involved anymore, if they ever really did. I’m starting fresh, just as I chose to do in December following some rocky events of fall. The next couple of months will give me an opportunity to socialize more and interact with people outside my circle and safety zone. I’m ready to do that, so hopefully this hideous black eye fades sometime soon and stops standing in the way of my daily routine and new beginnings.


Tabula rasa.


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