How many activities can you be genuinely good at?

For most of my life, I’ve been a one trick pony: all writing, all the time. I’ve lived in journals since second grade, and when I’m not writing and editing for work, I’m writing for fun. I honestly can’t imagine ever giving it up professionally, and whenever I’m scared, I can write about it until I calm down enough to sleep.

Roxy with all the diaries I kept as a child
Roxy with all the diaries I kept as a child

It’s always been number one to me, but now I’m trying to understand another art as well: performance.

I have prior experience in acting, but as I noted in previous blog posts, my skills are rusty if at all usable. I’m basically starting from scratch in my improv class, and so far, I’m doing all right, but I do have to wonder whether I’ll ever get to a point with acting that I’ve achieved with writing. The answer is probably no, and while I’d like to think I can balance the two with grace, writing is always going to come first, because if I were to stop, I would “be in jail or perhaps even dead. Or maybe just insane,” as Jamaica Kincaid says.

I’m going to try to tackle acting full-on again though, and maybe it’ll lead me somewhere awesome in the future. Regardless, I had this conversation with a classmate over the weekend, and I still don’t know the answer to my own question: How many things can you really excel at?

My classmate suspected you can only master up to two at once, possibly three if you sacrifice sleep, and I agree even though I think one thing will always override the other in importance. At least in my world.

What does your plate look like? Do you have lots of little things on it or something large taking up most of the real estate?


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