Can I fulfill the promise I made 16 years ago?

My mom found an old journal of mine a couple of months back and scanned a few pages onto the internet for kicks. Everything about the notebook is funny, but the “P.S.” line on this sheet of paper sticks out to me most:

laura 3

“P.S. I will write interesting stories.” Can I do it, folks? Have I at least gotten close in the decade and a half since I documented my commitment? I sure hope so, otherwise there’s really no hope for me at all. This diary (or journal … apparently I was battling with what to call it) chronicles my 1997 relocation from Los Angeles to nor Cal, a major transition time for me and my family. Here’s what else I had to say about 9-year-old life:

laura 2

Never underestimate the confidence of someone who is still in the single digits. Should we all go back to our elementary school personas every once in a while to gain some perspective? My work ethic would take a dip, but I’d be a lot more outspoken!

Cheers to our younger selves:

Courage Wolf is my new BFF
Courage Wolf is my new BFF

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