A centipede is on the loose in my bedroom

Remember when I was taunted by centipedes last fall? It’s happening again. A giant, long-legged centipede just stormed into my room like he owned the place and ran into my closet, surely making himself at home in one of my pairs of boots. Imagine slipping on your shoes before work only to step on a venomous, hideous bug. That’s not how I like to start my days, and I certainly don’t like to end them worrying about evil centipedes.

Lord knows I’m not getting any sleep tonight. Any advice on how to take on these multi-legged demons? How can I find, better yet, kill him when he moves so quickly? Knowing my luck, he’ll creep up on me just as I’m settling into bed, tip toe across my skin, and assault.

So, experts: How do I exterminate this dude and his hidden cronies? They roam in packs, so I know he isn’t the only one of his kind in this apartment.

This isn’t going to be a fun night for me. As the old adage goes, “[I]f you enjoy frightening others, you will be reborn as a centipede.”


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