Twitter is the internet love of my life, so happy belated Twitter birthday to me!

When I think about the endless benefits of the internet, I immediately thank my lucky stars for Twitter, a simple yet ever-reliable social media platform that truly feels tailored to my personality. In elementary school, I suffered from insomnia, which led me to stare at the wall at all hours of the night and fret about what my anxious habits would mean for my classroom performance the following day, further stressing me out and keeping my eyes open until my mind finally gave out. If only Twitter had been around for young, fearful me, I would have seen that I wasn’t the only one awake and thinking a mile a minute. The good thing about Twitter is that someone is always using it, so if you can’t get to bed for whatever reason, you know there’s someone to talk to.

Since joining Twitter in 2009 (for the second time … I actually deleted my first account a week after creating @LauraDonovan, which now belongs to another Laura Donovan), I’ve turned to the site for many things: to promote my work, chat with my readers, seek comfort at the E.R., pass my time during  sleepless nights, you name it. That’s why I’m proud to say I recently celebrated my fourth Twitter birthday. Here’s the certificate, courtesy of TwBirthday:


Not sure what the whole “Godfather” thing means, but maybe it’s just dedicated to the first person I followed/tweeted at? At any rate, 32,000+ tweets, numerous Twitter wars, and 3,534 followers later, I remain pleased as ever with the service. As much as I adore Facebook, it can’t keep up with the kind of things I like to share on social media, and unfortunately it’s just too easy to spam people on that social network, so Twitter will always and forever be my number one. What’s going to happen in five years, however, when the internet looks like a totally different place? Time will tell, but I sure hope there will be a great Twitter alternative if the site folds for whatever reason.


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