Every year, I care less and less about my birthday (especially since I’m not crazy about aging … or turning 25 in July), but I’m actually pretty stoked about my next one, as it’s the perfect excuse for someone to get me an Ostrich Pillow:

ostrich pillow


With the exception of childhood, I’ve never been someone who gets excited about birthday presents, but this is the best thing a person could give me for my 25th, which is at the end of next month. It’s perfect for the airport and, as my friend Katie pointed out, grocery stores. I’m like a 5-year-old in that I can fall asleep (and vividly dream) anywhere, and this would only enhance that experience for me.

So, if you adore me, you’ll get me one of these for my birthday. Don’t send money or take me out for drinks: look into Ostrich Pillows.

This will be me in a month, I hope!





These people have it all!