I don’t know what to do with myself now that Improv Saturdays are over!

Yesterday was my first totally free Saturday in two months. Last Saturday was my final improv level one class, and two days ago, we had our show, which went really well, if you ask me. I feel good about my performance, even though I tripped Jennifer Lawrence-style (but didn’t fall!) on my way up to the stage. If anything, that actually put me in the right mindset for the improv set, as I then had something to prove. Meanwhile, all I could tell myself was, “At least she did it, too!”

Anyway, the show was awesome and I miss all my classmates already. Luckily, Sophia will be taking level two with me in mid-July, but I have a feeling I won’t love everyone as much as I loved the level one crowd, perhaps because this was our foundation and there was so much emphasis on support. It was weird not seeing them or going to class yesterday at noon, and though I was excited about having a totally open schedule, I don’t really like it now, even on the weekends. I thrive off being busy and overbooked, so I’m going to make a point to attend as many improv shows during the week as possible.

Here are my super awesome classmates:

The Magnet




As I said on the last day of class, improv felt like school in the best sense: all the benefits of the classroom environment and none of the downsides. No mean kids, irritable and jaded instructors, annoying assignments, or homework. I’m going to miss the structure, but that’s why level two is for, I suppose, and I’ll get to retain what I’ve learned that way.

I’m also going to see some shows at other theaters. Last night, I watched my friend’s sketch at UCB, and look who I ran into there:


The Rent is Too Damn High! Fingers crossed this will be a great summer. In a weird way, summers are kind of lonely for me. I feel like I’m constantly under pressure to do fun things, and while I certainly get out a lot in NYC, I’m also always working and can’t really go on adventures as frequently as some others I know. I definitely take advantage of New York, though, so I guess the city is all mine until August, when all the travelers who flee for the Hamptons or wherever return.



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