‘Charlie’s Angels theme maid of honor speech’ and other search terms people used to get to my blog

charlies_angelsI definitely maintain an unusual blog, but who would have thought people would Google these phrases and words to arrive here? Take a look at the search terms that somehow led internet users to my blog (my comments are in parentheses):

i want to meet the cow that made this
how to ward off an old man creeper
website were it say will you go out with me
charlie’s angels theme maid of honor speech
are pinterest followers fat women
why do some guys spend more time looking at theirselves in mirror than working out (RIGHT?!)
brown water from keurig
free video the babysitter put on a pair of plastic pants for me the boyfriend
wear this prom barely breathe
laura e. donovan always cold (Yup, haha)
orgasm commercials
взрослый один дома 3
rotten potatoes
come get me sandy
why does my boyfriend like when our teeth clash while making out (ha)
funny santa claus figurines
felt a yawn coming on yawn
young pitchers of kel mitchell
sex good night videos
hi cute pictures! i would skip all the internet dating formalities and ask you out for a drink but, as you know, the internet can be a dangerous and murky place. so i have devised some carefully selected vetting questions to ensure my safety: 1. which is bluer the ocean or the sky? 2. peanut butter or strawberry jam? 3. early mornings or late nights? greg
cat mr jinx (…)
bread has changed
dial 7 taxi commercial gorgeous
nibreja rivera
sex boobs scene (SERIOUSLY?!)
thank you for spoiling me for dinner


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