I’m fascinated by my insomniac old neighbor who sits on her stoop all night

Stoop_Kid,_episodeRemember Stoop Kid? I think I’ve found his real-life equivalent, and she lives in my neighborhood. Win? Maybe.

I’ve been getting home pretty lately the past few weeks, and every time I walk past one of the buildings on my block, I see an old woman sitting outside the door. She’s usually talking to someone (not me, sadly, I can’t even get her to say “hi” back!), and from what I’ve been told, she’s an insomniac who sits on the stoop at all night. Maybe I’m crazy for wanting to know her story, but I’m genuinely curious about it. I’d probably consider interviewing her for this blog, if only she would respond to me. It’s crazy, though. Not to stereotype, but most old people are in bed early. That’s not the case for everyone, but it’s certainly unusual to see an elderly person chatting it up with passersby at 2:00 a.m. every night. She has a new friend every time I see her, too. If anyone runs the night, it’s her.

So, readers, my goal is to try to befriend this lady to get her story, because who wouldn’t be interested in knowing why she hangs out on her stoop at odd hours? Isn’t she worried about the kind of attention she’ll receive? Or does she like the company? Wouldn’t day time be better and safer for human interaction?

Now you see why I’m dying to sit down with the bespectacled, white-haired lady. That will be my project for the month of July. If I slack on my commitment, call me out on it, because I know you’re intrigued too.


4 thoughts on “I’m fascinated by my insomniac old neighbor who sits on her stoop all night

  1. I would start by sitting next to her without saying anything, and letting her get used to you. If your goal is to befriend, take it slow. Sometimes the elderly need a little time to adjust to a new person.

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