Why I only get manicures and pedicures at spas

Since moving to NYC two years ago, I’ve gone out of my way to take care of my health and appear well-groomed. I highlight my hair every two months (until now, going back to red for a while because ANYTHING can happen when you’re a ginger), always get pedicures, apply anti-aging eye cream and Palmer’s cocoa butter formula, and invest in eyebrow waxing. For the longest time, I was anti-manicure, as I write/uses my hands 24/7 and chip the polish immediately, but I’m giving manicures another chance.

Last week, I got a manicure and eyebrow waxing for my birthday. A friend gave me a certificate to a spa/salon, so I went to one downtown and was at the mercy of a strong Russian lady who finished both jobs in a half hour. I was impressed, as every spa/salon appointment I’ve had in California has been twice as long. People out West love to take their time, multitask, and chit chat, but NYC is all about efficiency. It was really nice, as I don’t really care about lighting, ambiance, empty pleasantries, or buildup.

I was really excited about my manicure, even though I of course messed it up seconds after leaving the salon. Luckily, I can retouch it myself since I always bring my own nail polish to salons:

Essie's "Play Date" is the best
Essie’s “Play Date” is the best


I went here, because the friend who gave me the certificate is named Dyanna 🙂



I had an awesome time and will absolutely return when I want another pedicure — definitely before my Hawaii trip in two weeks. Later on, however, I had somewhat of an allergic reaction to the eyebrow wax. I have the most sensitive skin of anyone I know, and I’m only used to a certain type of wax. My forehead was bright red for a day, so I’m going to avoid that service in the future. You should also know not to get any type of wax job during or right before your period, as it could make you bleed and be unsanitary for the person waxing you. Not everyone has freak accidents like me, but just be careful of who you trust with your skin. After last year’s massage disaster, which left me in pain for nearly six months, I have no desire to ever get an intense deep tissue massage ever again.

Let’s just stick to manicures and pedicures 🙂


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