Who went to Santa Barbara on a whim for a surprise engagement? This guy!

Laura and Nikki
Laura and Nikki

Some of you know me, some of you don’t, but if you’re at all familiar with this blog, you know I’m anything but private. That explains why my mom’s catchphrase has been “Laura, don’t tweet that!” for the past three years, so you can only imagine the agony I endured all week keeping the biggest secret of my life.

Summer 2013 has been kind of a bummer, and recently I’ve wanted just one good thing to come out of it (besides my trip to Honolulu, which is in a few days!). Sure enough, my best friend Nikki’s boyfriend Twitter messaged me Tuesday morning saying we needed to talk: “L-Dons (my name for you). We gotta chat. I have top secret information to share dont say anything to Ms. Grey. call or text.”

I got him on the phone immediately and he informed me that he planned on popping the big question to Nikki on Saturday. I gave him my blessing (not that he needed it, hah) and asked how he was thinking of going about the whole thing. He said he was going to take her for a walk, ask the question, and have all her friends and family pop up moments later.

As soon as Robby mentioned that friends and family would be part of the whole plan, I knew I had to be there. I hadn’t seen Nikki or Robby in a year, and how could I miss their special day if I had the time and means to make an appearance? So, with some assistance from Robby, I coordinated a last-minute trip to SB. His sister agreed to pick me up from Santa Barbara Airport (after my 3.5 hour layover in LA — can you say annoying?) and we all took it from there.

Nikki was so shocked to see me, and though this week was insanely hard for Robby, I had a crazy time keeping this under wraps as well. I was scared to text Nikki all week, especially after she said she suspected Robby would be proposing soon, but I kept my mouth shut.

Now I don’t have to keep the biggest and most exciting secret ever from one of my closest friends. Nikki and Robby, I adore you both and feel so honored to have been a part of your special day. Can’t wait for the wedding next year. Did I mention I love Santa Barbara? It’s incredible to be in California again. I’ve missed it so much, and this is quite possibly my favorite area in the whole state. Life is good. I will do a separate post tomorrow, but at least now you know the secret is out and I can finally talk to my good friend about what I’ve been stoked about all week!


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