I finished my screenplay for this screenwriting fellowship app!

We love to write!

Now all I need to do is be one of the five selected to participate in the program. And to correctly format the script. Any ideas on programs to use (besides Celtx)? Let’s just say I’m lower than a novice  and there’s only so much I can gain from Google search results.

The chances of being selected for the fellowship are low, especially for total newcomers like me, but I gotta say it feels amazing to finally do something that’ll bring me one step closer to the entertainment industry. For the application, I need two letters of rec from insiders (check!), a mission statement (check!), and a screenplay (check!). I started writing one before my trip, and I pushed out 60 pages yesterday and today, so I’ve exceeded the 85-page minimum — barely. I’m at 90, but intend to add a little bit more before submitting my work. I also tend to include more detail than necessary, so this is a positive change on my part. If I don’t make it to round two, I can still keep the screenplay and continue looking around for opportunities/representation. Someone advised me to keep entering contests like these. What do I have to lose? The practice is good, and I have a new sense of purpose.

I’m heading back to NYC tomorrow and have a fun, busy weekend planned. September is almost here — where did 2013 go? The bigger question is where I’ll be on New Years Eve 2013: NYC or California? For the past two years, I’ve had awesome New Years Eves. Both were memorable, hilarious, and well-spent. I kind of want to stick around New York for the next one, but it’s hard to tell what I’ll be doing at that point. I perform best when I take things day by day and live in the present, so it’s probably wise to stop going back in time and obsessing over the future, which could look like a lot of different things. I used to love the excitement that comes with immense uncertainty, but I’m more interested in the process than anything else right now. As I say in my mission statement, I just want to learn. My problem with journalism was that I didn’t care to learn anymore after a while. My heart was no longer in the business.

Anyway — I wrote a rom-com in less than a week. It’s 90 pages and could go up in length depending on my edits, but the story is strong. Dialogue has always been my favorite part of writing, so it came pretty easy to me. It’s hard to tell when a scene drags on or is too short, but again, this is all stuff I’m going to learn when I relocate to California and throw myself into the brutal world of entertainment. I’m prepared to be told I am awful and have no business wading the waters of the TV and film industry. I know I’m going to encounter challenges I can’t even envision at the moment. I’ll be sad and miss New York and maybe even feel bad about throwing away the connections I made back East — but I do know this is the right thing to do.

Cheers to completing first drafts — and eventually getting the format right.


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