How I almost fell off the bleachers at a screenwriting workshop

Screenwriting in the Car
Screenwriting in the Car (Photo credit: JenGallardo)

We all know writing is a big risk, but who would have thought it can be physically dangerous too?

I found myself in such a mess at a screenwriting workshop last night, which I talk all about in the video below. As I note in the clip, I chose to sit in the back of the room out of sheer intimidation even though I used to always pick a seat in the front row during college. I’m not a “front row” student anyway, at least not until I become more confident with this particular form of writing. Anyway, a boisterous old man took the open seat next to me and nearly sent us off the bleachers when he scooted his chair, causing mine to fall back, break, and get stuck between the ledge. Had the chairs moved any further, we both would have fallen seven feet backward and probably broken our necks. It was a weird note to begin on, but as some of my friends later pointed out, it certainly provided fodder for good material, and screenwriting classes should never be boring.

The workshop itself was very informative and helpful. I wasn’t nuts about the first half of the class, as we were required to write and talk about our feelings. Let’s be real: I do enough of that already. The last thing I need is to write about what’s on my mind because I’m constantly doing that. I loved the second part of the session though, as it focused on structure and storytelling necessities. Every strong screenplay, she said, needs a clear measurable goal, and the issue with many scripts is a deficiency in this area. It got me thinking about the nature of my own scripts. I had to submit a screenplay for that screenwriting fellowship I mentioned, and the clear measurable goal there is for the main character to start fresh and divorce herself from her former life. As I say in my video, I do worry there’s too much of an emphasis on running away than actually running toward something, but that’s also part of her development.

Let me know what you think about the clip itself! Sorry to keep these new entries short, but so far you all seem to be responding well to my videos.


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