Off to LA sooner than planned!

sample-6Remember all that talk about me waiting until spring to leave NYC? Turns out I couldn’t sit tight and hang out on the east coast for another six months, especially with the approach of winter. After the umpteenth phone conversation with my mom about what to do, I decided to sign up for screenwriting extension courses at UCLA and depart New York at the end of September. I knew it would be scary, expensive, risky, and maybe even a little irresponsible, but there was no point in staying somewhere that has nothing to offer me but cold weather and memories of the person I once aspired to be.

For a while, I considered finishing out my lease in NYC and temping along the way. I had several interviews and was in the running to work at a real estate office, but I knew I’d only be delaying what I really wanted for myself. I’d shuffle from interview to interview with clear reluctance and apathy, embarrassed by how little enthusiasm I had for any kind of position in NYC. The temp consultant straight up said it seemed like I just wanted to pay my bills through my lease expiration and duck out. She had a solid read on me, because the last thing I wanted was to remain in the city for a fourth brutal winter.

I start classes in October, so I’m taking off right before September ends to spend some much-needed time with family in the bay area. I’ll hang out with the nephews, who won’t be seeing me once or twice a year anymore. We can hang out much more often than that now, and they won’t have to keep asking my mom, “Where’s Aunt Lala? Why is she never around?” Gutting words, those are.

There are some intense logistics involved here, but I’ll just say the stars have been on my side lately, further telling me this was meant to happen. I’ve secured a nice place to stay in the LBC (oh hey, Snoop Dogg) through the end of the year, and hopefully I’ll have a better idea of where exactly I want to live in LA by then. We’re looking for someone to fill my room in NYC and have a few leads — other than that, I just have to ship a bunch of crap over to California. Moving isn’t fun, but the long-term benefits certainly are. I can’t go into too many details about my situation, but all I’ll say is I’ve been very fortunate to have already figured out where I’m going to live for the next few months, and hopefully I’ll be in the heart of LA before I know it.

My flight back to California is in less than three weeks, so if you’re a good friend of mine in NYC, I’d love to see you before I go. I don’t want to make this a big sentimental last hurrah, so if I do host a gathering of any kind, it won’t be called a going away party. I’m not a fan of farewells — and as I’ve said before, I’m impossible to escape. If you don’t see me in person anymore, you’ll be able to find me on the internet, certainly here on this blog. Just remember I’m in a better place. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s not. Morbid would be putting up with another winter in New York, and I’m not going to do that ever again. I have more than enough stories from NYC for a lifetime — I want more than just stories at this point. I’m ready to tell them.

Here’s my short (under two minutes, a new record!) vlog on the move, which I’ve been thinking about for months. Thank God I finally put my thoughts into actions and made the big choice to GTFO:


One thought on “Off to LA sooner than planned!

  1. “Just remember I’m in a better place. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s not. Morbid would be putting up with another winter in New York, and I’m not going to do that ever again.”

    This is so perfect.

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