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I have a strange relationship with dating sites, namely HowAboutWe, the only decent one around (IMO). A while back, I created an OKCupid profile, but it felt too much like old school MySpace to me, so I deleted my account before ever interacting with others. HAW is much more sophisticated and thoughtful, and I never email somebody or respond to an email without mentioning interesting portions of their profile. You’re required to answer a bunch of questions, so usually my first message to somebody will go like, “Wow, you spent a year in London?” or “What’s it like teaching middle schoolers?”

A couple of my friends used to be active online daters, and by that, I mean they’d go on multiple dates a week. That never appealed to me in any way — constant dating sounds expensive, time-consuming, stressful, exhausting, and kind of weird. I’d rather just spend time with one person I like, even if it only lasts for a short period of time. I wasn’t interested in taking the “go on a thousand dates” approach, but I have developed an unusual habit on HAW: I mostly message people about irrational fears.

It happened by accident but became a regular thing. One guy wrote on his profile that he’s terrified of balloons, so after he sent me a note, I inquired about his peculiar fear. Another person fixes elevators and we’ve exchanged at least twelve messages solely about elevator disasters.

HAW has introduced me to some great, albeit odd, folks over the past few months, and luckily it operates in LA as well as NYC. It’ll be interesting to see how different west coast users are from NYC guys. So far, it seems like LA guys are mostly in the entertainment industry whereas New York guys are all in finance. Sorry, Patrick Bateman, but there’s no room for you anymore. Bye American Psycho, hello West Coast Best Coast.

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