Going a week without makeup

Yesterday, I was startled by the sound of someone pounding on my front door. I knew it had to be a male construction worker, as our building has been working on the Sandy-damaged gas line for months, but the loud banging and knocking still spikes my heartrate. They’re just so loud and disruptive all the time, but they can’t really help it — they’re literally restructuring an entire gas line in our 6-story building.

I opened the door to find a tall, lean brunette with a latter at his side. He’d come to fix the hole in our wall, which one of his coworkers had torn up the previous week, and unlike him, my presentation needed some work … or so I thought. I’d purposely gone without makeup for an entire week, so I was worried I looked tired and washed out. There’s a lot of pressure for women to always look nice and doll themselves up, but quite frankly I see no reason to do that everyday, full-time job or not.

After he went home, I took before and after photos of me with and without makeup. Though my eyes are a lot bigger and brighter after I’ve applied mascara and eyeliner, I don’t think I look as awful as I assumed without them:


I wish we could live in a world that doesn’t put pressure on women to always look perfectly manicured, but that’s not changing anytime soon. Even so, I’m going to continue going days without makeup whenever I need a break. I understand why some women don’t want to do this, but in my case, I like to let my skin breathe.

I’m hoping to cut back on the amount of makeup I wear and use more sunscreen, because, believe it or not, I’m starting to get wrinkles. Guess all those years of frowning at subway creepers did a number on my forehead. My dad was right — all those sourpuss faces I made as a kid would eventually catch up with me. Here’s to (hopefully) having better luck with Californians, my people?


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