So chocolate gives me debilitating migraines now

There’s nothing like spending your last week in NYC feeling sick thanks to a bucket list item you’ve just completed.

Last night, my friend Sara and I went to Serendipity 3, an NYC tourist hotspot with amazing comfort food and treats, so I could try the restaurant’s siignature Frozen Hot Chocolate before leaving Manhattan. It’s apparently a New York rite of passage — a rite of passage for which I was unprepared. Things were off to a rocky start from the beginning of the night, when I jokingly said the venue was “mean” for posting a sign reading “Absolutely no strollers allowed inside” on the front door. The hostess told me it wasn’t intended to be “mean,” but protect customers in the event of a fire, as strollers take up lots of space and cause others to trip. I felt bad about making the silly, stupid comment in passing, but I mainly said it to make a point about NYC being small and uncomfortable.

The food itself was awesome, but before my pasta arrived, I enjoyed the Frozen Hot Chocolate, which contained lots of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Sara couldn’t have any, as she gets really bad migraines and chocolate is a known trigger:

Frozen Hot Chocolate

The drink lived up to its tasty reputation, but by the time I got home, my head was pounding. Every few months, I get debilitating migraines that cause me to shake, sweat, and even throw up, and unfortunately all those things happened last night. I know it was the chocolate because I rarely have it anymore, but anytime I do, I get pounding headaches, so it looks like I have to avoid fancy desserts in the future — or just control my portions better. Either way, it’s time to act a tad more grown up and stop ordering hot chocolate, even at places like this:



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