I finally put together all my condo furniture (yes, I’m proud of this)

An IKEA Store along Alexandra Road in Queensto...
An IKEA Store along Alexandra Road in Queenstown, Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s no other way of saying this: I hate that DIY is celebrated in our culture, and though I’m surprisingly talented at building things, I’d rather not spend my evenings hammering away on a giant IKEA desk I’m probably going to toss in two months.

Exactly a week ago, my mom and I went shopping at IKEA Long Beach in search of basic furniture for my condo. My friend Sophia inherited my NYC mattress (donating bed stuff over there is virtually impossible), so I got a new bed set in California. I picked out a full, box spring, and frame before anything else. My mom wanted me to have way more than I actually wanted, so she suggested we buy a desk, table, ottoman, etc. As usual, she was right that I’d be happier with more than less, so we left the store with a couple chairs, a desk/table, a nightstand, three giant lamps, a mini lamp, a beanbag, and a mini table for my printer. My grandma has a handyman, so my mom suggested I call him to put the big stuff together.

As much as I would have liked that, I needed a couple projects to occupy myself at night, so I built everything on my own. Besides, shes 82. She has an excuse to get stuff made for her, I don’t. After multiple failed attempts, I finished the table yesterday and am using it now. IKEA does a nice job providing visual instructions for assembly, but there are so many things that can go wrong with complex items, so I messed up the table five times before it finally worked. It’s not in perfect shape, and for all I know, it’ll collapse someday, but it’s doing its job right now. I just don’t know how I’m going to get it out of the apartment when I move in two months. It might actually break during the schlepping process, as the screws aren’t as tight as they should be. Note to self: take the damn thing apart before you get sued for injuring  the movers.

I’m retrieving my TV in a few weeks (my mom has it right now), and at that point, I may as well invest in a couch. That, of course, would require assembly I lack the time or desire to put forth, and lets not forget I’m a tiny 120 pound lady who can barely lift a PC (oh, the plight of thin, willowy girls). My whole body is sore from building this table, and I’m confident that’s not normal. Here’s hoping I can bully some guy into doing it for me when I finally buy a couch. or I’ll just bite the bullet and TaskRabbit that shit.  Thoughts?

Aside from putting furniture together, I really like my new living situation. I never in a million years thought I’d be OK living alone, but it’s great, if anything because I can shower whenever I want and don’t have to be quiet when coming home late. I can also make food whenever I’m hungry, which is usually at some unGodly hour. I’ve decorated the entire apartment, so there are photos, decals, frames, inspirational messages, and posters everywhere. Anything to color the place while I’m the only one in it. I don’t think I’m meant to live solo long-term, but for now, it’s a lot less lonely than I anticipated. It doesn’t hurt having a walk-in closet, two bathrooms, and way more space than I’ve ever known. I don’t miss my Harry Potter room in NYC, but I do miss my friends in the city. You already knew that, though.

There are a lot of benefits to being away from New York, and TARGET is one of them. In college, my buddy Anna and I went there all the time, but the only Target in Manhattan is in East Harlem. I ventured over there once but wasn’t crazy about the area. Harlem wasn’t the scary place I expected, but it sure wasn’t relaxing either. I associate Target with leisurely shopping, and I finally have that again. I guess I can never really adapt to a city if it’s not home to a large, peaceful Target.


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