Guys, I visited the ‘New Girl’ loft in downtown LA!

If you’ve ever read my work, you know I’m obsessed with Fox’s New Girl. No, really. Obsessed. Just look at my flippn’ Twitter background. And my Facebook cover photo. I can’t get enough of this show. Why? Because I truly believe Jessica Day is the TV version of me. I love wearing colorful flowy outfits, end more than half of my sentences in song, sometimes hide how I’m really feeling behind jokes and musical renditions, enjoy working with kids, and have a winsome approach to life. There are many more reasons I adore New Girl, which highly influenced my decision to come to LA and try to write for TV, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I just tracked down the show’s infamous loft in downtown LA.

Technically, one of my fellow bloggers found the warehouse and posted its address online, but I figured out almost immediately that the loft is in downtown LA. I recognized the area, as I’ve been spending a lot of time there with my dorky but ever so attentive man friend Ian (another post, guys, another post but !!!!! right?!), so when I read that the loft is in fact located downtown, I got really excited. It’s somewhat hard to get to (only because driving is still pretty disorienting for me), but I went after a meeting this afternoon, and here’s how it looks in the sunlight:

The loft

Here I am at the loft. We’re not going to use the word “selfie,” as it makes my ears vomit, so let’s just say it’s a photo of good old me:

Who's that girl? IT'S JESS!
Who’s that girl? IT’S JESS!

I like the neighborhood a lot. Down the block is a super cool organic coffee shop called the Novel Cafe, and there are some nice surrounding restaurants and venues. All in all, I just love LA, so every minute I’m in the city is amazing. Even when I’m stuck in 405 traffic and being honked at by type As. That’s another thing: I honked my horn for the first time ever the other day and it’s incredibly weak. Step it up, Honda.

What else did I do today? Had a meeting in Hollywood and spotted Nickelodeon Studios across the street!


Drove along Sunset Blvd:

I love LA
I love LA

Things have been awesome since Halloween, when I attempted to depict Joan from Mad Men. As many folks pointed out, I lack the boobs curves to pull off Christina Hendricks’s amazing look, and my hair is also too thin for a bun, but I’d like to think I was OK. One guy said I appeared to be “phoning in” my costume. You know what? C’s get degrees. That’s how I feel about Halloween dress-up.

Joan Harris or some bewildered former redhead?!
Joan Harris or some bewildered former redhead?!

Another good thing? The Sox won last week! My dad loved them and would have been so happy to see this day. I wish he’d been here to witness his team schooling the Cardinals in Fenway. Don’t mess with Boston, Missouri.

Dad’s memory box

I’m finally starting to feel settled in LA. I may not have everything figured out, but I’m learning to embrace that and indulge the “spectacular now.” A lot of people are looking out for me here, and all I’ve ever really wanted is to feel part of a community. There’s definitely a community helping me through this transition, which gets easier by the day. Budd Moss is the grandpa I never really had, people from my past are resurfacing to hang out with me, my family is around, and I have a solid group of students I trust in my screenwriting classes. The last few months have been somewhat of a “composed trainwreck,” but I’m gathering the shards of glass and remains on the ground and close to rebuilding my life. Being here in California makes that so much easier. This weather truly feeds my spirit, and the friendliness of almost everyone has nursed me back to health. I’m whole again, and so help me God, it’s because I fled NYC. Some love it there, but I belong on the West Coast. I don’t care if that makes me a quitter or a delusional silly flailing hippie who just couldn’t handle the hardness or grit of Manhattan. I’m happy. I was never happy in New York.


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