How I spend the holiday season now

As a kid, I thought Christmas without snow and Thanksgiving in the sun meant my family was celebrating the holiday season wrong. Movies led me to believe the holidays are supposed to be about snowfall, bundling up, egg nog, hearty food, and traditions.

It’s taken me a while to let go of such thoughts, but now I realize Christmastime is more about the people you’re with than the things you do every year. I used to write myself a letter every December 26 and read it eleven months later to assess my progress/regression. We had no tree last year, as my mom was moving, but who really needed it? And I didn’t feel like writing myself a letter, so I didn’t. I’m not heartbroken that I won’t have one to check out next month. All that mattered was I had a chance to see my family.

With that, it’s not the end of the world that we had Thanksgiving brunch on the beach this morning. No turkey or Thanksgiving food — just eggs, mimosas, and fruit. And that’s OK. I got to see my family, which is more than enough for me:

with mom


With mom and Glenn




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