How am I just now discovering the amazing Venice, CA?

As many of you know, LA is a big place, so overwhelming that most people don’t do anything outside their own neighborhood. Why bother with the traffic or pollute the environment even more? Getting behind the wheel in this town is nothing short of a nightmare.

This is why I spend most of my time in the Silverlake area and downtown, but this afternoon I ventured out to Venice for the first time ever. Though the 45-minute journey is a killer, the area is worth the aggravation.

I met up with my new  friend Kate, an actress who would like to collaborate on some writing projects. I’m all about teaming up, so the idea sounded great to me. We had coffee at Intelligentsia, which reminded me a lot of NYC’s Think Coffee. Similar vibe, but Intelligentsia is definitely more chill. Isn’t everything Californian more laid back than New York? I guess it’s hard to say now. New York Laura feels like another life to me, and with each day in LA, I feel less and less connected to Manhattan.

Here’s a photo of Intelligentsia, via Haute Living:


This is what I ordered, and I’m ashamed to say I threw down $10 — $5 for the scone, $5 for the coffee. Just last month, I was floored when Grand Central Market charged me $4.50 for black coffee as well. It’s “all about the experience,” isn’t it? Thankfully mine was nothing short of amazing:

Intelligentsia Venice CA

Afterward, we went to the antique store a few doors down. Inside, I noticed a jar of blue hearts, which complemented my teal scarf and sundress.

“These remind me of you,” she said, and that’s when I knew I had to buy one for my nightstand.

I ended up purchasing two: one for me, one for my boyfriend (because he knows how obsessed I am with shades of blue):


A couple days ago, I was complimented on my pastels, and it made me realize I recycle the same articles of clothing and pieces of jewelry because there’s a shortage of bright colors in a lot of stores. I like warm blue, purple, pink, neon, green, all of which are tough to find on clothing racks. Does this mean I shouldn’t wear these colors as an adult? Nah.

I have better luck online — just got these cuties (on sale!) at OpenSky:


All in all, it was a pretty good day 🙂


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