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The Great Bambino, bitches

The Great Bambino, bitches

I was born in LA, so my parents conditioned me not to go nuts over famous people in restaurants and public places. I haven’t always been good about keeping my cool, but I don’t get starstruck anymore. My new friends regularly go on TV and appear in film, so after a while, you realize onscreen performers are like everyone else. Unless of course that person just so happened to star in THE SANDLOT.

The Sandlot was one of my favorite childhood flicks, so when I saw one of its most memorable characters in Starbucks, I had an inner freak out. As I was waiting for my iced tall vanilla latte (I know, I’m the worst), I thought I recognized the guy to my right. He was the hefty redhead boy who famously said, “THAT WIMPY DEER?!” and “I’m the great Bambino!” with a cigar in his mouth. It was totally that dude. Does this mean we’re neighbors? God I hope so. I don’t like being the only ginger around.

Every time I recognize a famous person, the first thing that comes to mind is usually along the lines of, “he/she looks familiar. Have we met? Oh wait … that’s that person from that movie/show I saw forever ago.”

I did a brief double take and then looked away. Hey, it strikes me as particularly rude to bother famous people, but eyeing someone a couple times isn’t such a crime. Even though I chose not to talk to the guy, I was glad to have seen him. A few seconds after heading to the condiments area, he was approached by someone else, so I know I wasn’t the only one familiar with his work.

This is the first time I’ve spotted a famous person since moving to LA, and while I refuse to bother anyone else I see (unless it happens to be Zooey Deschanel), I was pretty stoked to cross paths with a star from The Sandlot, which was a big part of my younger years. Forget A-listers and Lorde — she can go back to high school and wail her crappy songs at the talent show there — running into childhood favorites is all I really care about.