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We all know my “first” time on TV wasn’t so flattering or awesome, but last night definitely made up for it (three years after the fact, but hey, good things come to those who wait!). Yesterday I had the opportunity to appear on TakePartLive, a show on the up and coming network Pivot, to discuss dating in the digital world.

Last summer, I publicly swore off online dating in a column for PolicyMic, arguing it felt forced and that I’d rather meet someone randomly for a better story to tell. As I figured out immediately after moving to LA and giving dating sites another shot, the “how we met” aspect is irrelevant. The good part comes after you’ve become acquainted, and it doesn’t matter whether you found each other on the internet or during a rainy day on the streets of Manhattan. The end result counts, and mine is a relationship with someone I love and respect wholeheartedly.

Now that I’ve out-cheesed myself, here are some highlights from the night!

I had my own dressing room, which came with Altoids, bottles of water, a Stella, a mug, a card from the show hosts, and other nice goodies:

How did they know lowercase has always been my jam?!

How did they know lowercase has always been my jam?!

Anime eyes after makeup

Anime eyes after makeup


Everyone was really nice, and we all had a wonderful time with our “heart to hearts”:

Overall I think I did a pretty good job! Hopefully I get to go back someday, I loved the whole team and really like what Pivot is doing with its shows. I’ll get the hang of TV and be more confident in future appearances — maybe I’ll dominate the conversation next time! You can watch my segment at this link for today only — I will post a permanent one tomorrow. Go to 22:00 to see me!

Back to writing! 😀