My new morning inspiration routine sets me up for the best day ever

I may reside in a beautiful part of the country, but the sun cannot do all my work for me. To be full,happy, and balanced, I have to maintain a healthy, clean living space, both in my house and in my mind.

Sometimes I have moments of discouragement and doubt, but to keep that negative energy from bringing me down, I meditate, perform sun salutations, and do sit-ups every morning. They remind me I’m in control of my own destiny and reactions to things, but I just decided to include a little something extra in my daily routine: inspirational chalkboard messages.

When I moved into my quaint Los Feliz area cottage a couple months ago, I was in awe of its size. Coming from a tiny Harry Potter apartment that could fit my bed and nothing else in NYC, it floored me to have space for my bed, desk, dressers, TV stand, coffee table, and multiple lamps in my new room. There is also a chalkboard, as one of the previous occupants was a teacher and apparently couldn’t live without it at home. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of all the room I had. I felt guilty in a way. If Bloomberg got his hands on a room like mine, he’d probably divide it into four and sell it to a group of poor, perpetually broke souls in Manhattan. How could I make use of so much space? I just didn’t know.

Now I use the floor for meditation, yoga stretches, and simple workouts. The chalkboard used to bother me because it darkens the room at night, but I’ve decided to write inspirational messages on it at the beginning of each day. Here’s what I threw together this morning:

morning inspiration

So I need to work on my chalkboard-writing skills (I was terrible at this in school as well — old habits die hard!), but all that matters is starting my days off on an upbeat note. Maybe it would be better to write them in the evening so I can wake up to nice notes, but there’s something energizing about jotting down my thoughts and hopes before setting out into the world for another day. I’ll let you know how it all works out for me. 🙂 


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