I went back on TV and it was awesome!

A couple of months ago, I was invited to appear on the wonder TakePartLive on Pivot, and last night I returned for another excellent panel! After a tough week, it was nice to receive the invitation and once again be treated so well by the spectacular channel.

I had my own dressing room, and before getting my makeup done, I took this daffy photo of myself. I’m not going to say “selfie” because that mutation of a word makes my skin crawl, but I guess this picture kind of fits the bill. Don’t hate me for being an annoying wide-eyed guest! I can’t help it that I always look bewildered.


I started the night with one of these and refused to set it down until they had to set up my mic:

Moon-eyed delight1
Moon-eyed delight!

Then I chatted with these awesome folks about extreme workouts:



Great time for sure! Hopefully I’ll be asked back again — I finally feel like I’m getting the hang out it. Check out the clip here but just keep in mind that it expires after April 3, so watch while you still can!


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