The kind of wedding (and bride) that make you think

Last summer, my good friend and fellow writer Nikki Grey published one of the best blog entries I’ve ever read. Titled “Are we defined by our professions?”, she talked about the troubles of defining herself by professional success for a long period of time. Though she had an impressive career as a features reporter in Santa Barbara, she eventually realized her job didn’t have to be her whole life. No matter her career path, she’s still Nikki, and a great companion at that.

A month later, Nikki was engaged to her soulmate Robby, who married her last weekend in Santa Barbara. I had the opportunity to participate in the wedding and invite my own lovely second half to the exciting event.

nikki s

Nikki looked amazing, and though I spent the past few months worrying about how I was going to pay for a lot of the nuptials necessities without a stable employment situation, I’m so glad I got to partake in her flawless day, which none of us will ever forget. It was wonderful to have my boyfriend there as well. We really enjoyed the food, dance floor, and open bar, among other things. Overall it was a blast and I’m bummed out that it’s over … the partying aspect, at least. It’s only just begun for Nikki and Robby! As Robby’s father Don said, this will end up being the day they loved each other the least. Just about the most romantic statement I’ve ever heard.

ian d

I’ve known Nikki for three years now and we’ve both changed considerably since our political journalism days in DC. We bonded quickly because we didn’t fit the DC mold at all, and sure enough, she moved to California once her summer internship ended. I wanted so badly to join her in my home state, and even though I remember telling her one day in Washington, “I could die tomorrow and be in DC and not California,” I toughed it out on the East Coast for another two years, truly suffering through every second of the way. I had fun, sure, but my experiences were mostly negative and trying. I belonged out here with Nikki.

We’re not the same girls who met in summer 2011. She figured out before I did that political journalism isn’t for everyone, and she also learned when she met Robby that life is so much better when you can share it with someone you love. Ian really showed me that, and not only is he the strongest force pushing me to keep going after my dream here, but the reason I know I’ll be OK if entertainment doesn’t work out for me. I could never do anything big again and still be happy as ever because I have him in my life. This is what Nikki was talking about when she wrote her blog post about success, and it’s so rewarding to see her start a successful life with her husband Robby.

They’re moving to Seattle right after their honeymoon, which started today, and while I’ll miss having the ability to just drive two hours to see my pals, I’m excited for them to embark on this new adventure together as a married couple. They’ll make friends, adjust to a new environment, and hopefully grow their family at some point. Nikki and Robby know they’ll be fine because they will always have each other. This theme is covered in lots of films and TV shows, but there’s something special about experiencing and seeing it. I first saw it in Nikki and Robby, and now I see it in my own relationship.

Here’s to a couple with amazing values, love, and priorities. Thank you Nikki and Robby for sharing it all with us this weekend. I love you both dearly.



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