Proof that 9-year-old me was just as serious about writing as 25-year-old me

Vegas 1999, because I was such a rager in fifth grade!
Vegas 1999, because I was such a rager in fifth grade!

I’ve probably posted about this before, but while I was cleaning out my computer files today, I stumbled upon a snapshot of my 1997 journal. It was a composition book, of course, because Harriet the Spy used one and I had to be just like her, even if it meant nearly breaking into my neighbor’s house for a little too much adventure.

Had my plan to enter her kitchen actually worked out, maybe I would have ended up on the news for being an impressionable elementary school student, and Harriet’s phenomenal success would have been to blame. Thank God I wasn’t as sneaky as Michelle Trachtenberg’s onscreen persona. Who knows where I’d be now … maybe in jail!

Anyway, here’s a funny one-liner from my October 7, 1997 entry, “I was the best writer in the class, including the teacher.” Should have been an early sign to my parents that I’d always cause trouble with my writing!

laura 2

laura 3

“P.S.: I will write interesting stories.” Have I lived up to that promise, folks? Seventeen years later, I hope so, but more than anything else, I’d like to think I haven’t even begun the best part of the journey. I’ve done lots of writing for the internet and print, and next I hope to dabble into TV shows and film. I’ve been polishing my own scripts lately, but know I’m nowhere near ready to send them anywhere or enter any of those major contests. Screenwriting is complex and collaborative, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the steps I must take to tackle it successfully.

I’ve already taken a few introductory courses in TV and film writing, but I’ve always been more of a hands on learner. In other words, I benefit most from producing something rather than listening. Considering the fact that I thought I was a better writer than my teacher in fourth grade, that shouldn’t surprise you. Really, though, I know I have an incredibly long way to go, and I’m going to be more willing to share what I’ve written from here on out. No matter how confident you may feel about your talents, solid feedback is always helpful.

If I could go back, I’d tell 9-year-old me to be nicer to that educator I insulted. At least that lady could spell “honor roll”!


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