About Laura!

Laura Donovan is a former editor of Mic and Mediaite. After three years on the east coast — two in NYC and one in DC — she now resides in her hometown of Los Angeles and continues to pursue writing.

Upon graduating from the University of Arizona in May 2010, Donovan covered entertainment news and served as an online editor for Tucker Carlson’s 24-hour news site, The Daily Caller. Her work has appeared in HelloGiggles, Refinery 29, Forbes, Mashable, Business Insider, Nerve, Yahoo! News, The Washington Times, and several other online and print publications. She is a former opinions editor, columnist, and news reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat college news publication. Donovan has a bachelor of arts degree in creative writing with a minor in French.

She can be reached at laura *dot* donovanth *at* gmail *dot* com.

2 thoughts on “About Laura!”

  1. You’re a helluva writer. Stop doubting yourself. Write. It’s why you’re here.

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