Some of Laura’s Clips!

Directly below is a list of my Daily Caller, Nerve, Levo League, Mashable, Business Insider, Washington Times,, and Townhall clips and columns. At the very bottom of the page, you will find links to my other blogs.

Clips @ The Jane Dough: Stories can be found here

Clips@ Mashable: Stories can be found here and here

Clips @ Mediaite: Stories can be found here

Clips @ Levo League: Stories can be found here

Clips @ Washington Times: Articles can be found here

Clip @ Can be read here

Clips @ Business Insider: Click here

Clips @ Daily Caller: Stories can be found at this link

Daily Caller Contributing Clips/Partial Credit/Double Byline
Colbert, Stewart Fans Plan to Vote Dem No Matter Who Runs (co-authored with Matthew Boyle)
Obama Announces Press Conference in Attempt to Head Off Growing Democratic Anger Over Tax Cut Deal (authors: Jon Ward and Chris Moody)

News Clips @ Townhall
Bay Buchanan Shares Her Story of Activism with Students
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Hearing Stimulates Heated Discussion
Eight Senators and Witnesses Discuss Numerous Detriments of Judiciary Nomination System

Clips @
“Eat, Pray” Upon Students
Study Abroad to Broaden Language Abilities
“Host Family” Has the Word “Family” Attached to It
How to be Unoriginal Abroad
Saving in Vegas
Students: Begin Making Thanksgiving Arrangements Now
When City Life Brings You Down…
Inexpensive Dining for Tenleytown Newbies

Other Blogs by Laura Donovan
Paris Study Abroad Blog
French Riviera Travel Blog

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