DW farewell, Blackberry advice, France, Eat Pray Love

As a graduating senior, I’m done writing stories for the Arizona Daily Wildcat. What a great experience. Now, it’s time to find another publication to obsessively write for.

Be sure to read Jazmine Woodberry’s Everyone has a Story article on me. That was a nice way to end my time at the Wildcat. I had such a blast working in the newsroom, and I’m grateful for the friends I made all throughout my time at the newspaper. To the people who loved my articles and sent fanmail to my email account as well as the parade of people who hated me like Captain Ahab despised Moby Dick: Thank you for reading. Really.

I wrote a story on ASUA’s immigration forum, which took place after the Daily Wildcat issues stopped going out to print for the semester.

Of course, there will be a commencement issue out on Wednesday, and my final Wildcat articles will be in that. I interviewed 2009-10 ASUA President Chris Nagata and wrote a short blurb for the “Top 10 News Stories of the Year” section. And that’s it. C’est fini.

Speaking of French, I am delighted to be going to France in exactly 20 days (!!!). I’m staying at my good friend’s house in the south of France for three weeks. I will, of course, miss my Blackberry, which does not work over in Europe. I am not sure how I handled not having my Blackberry all last summer…Call me superficial, but my one vice is my cell phone. I’m not into shopping, television, or sports, but I’m all about texting and bbm’ing. Quel dommage. Does anyone know if I can order a phone (with my same number and contact information) to take with me to France? I am sure it can be done..

I’d be lying if I said I don’t want the Eat Pray Love story to happen to me during my France trip.

I’ve actually never read the book, but I know the gist, and I’m hoping for revelatory experiences now that I’m graduating and leaving behind everything I know, cheesy as that sounds. I’ve already studied abroad in France, so this will be more relaxing, not to mention a great opportunity to practice my French again. I’m excited to spend more time with my friend Lola and her family, all of whom are absolutely incredible. Let’s hope I can learn to cook Croque Monsieur, and for the love of God, I hope to maintain my size. Last time I went to France, my host family gorged me with bread, pasta, and Nutella. Didn’t do wonders for my figure. I guess that’s part of the Eat Pray Love experience, though, being that the author gains a mess of weight during her year in Italy, and who wouldn’t? Anyway, here’s to exceptional cuisine, swimming, traveling, good friends, nights out on the town, and great memories.

Ever since its DVD release on April 27, I’ve watched It’s Complicated an obscene number of times. As you know, I’m anti-television shows (aside from Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City), so I only turn on the TV to watch movies. It’s Complicated is playing in my mini-DVD player right now. I just like to have it on for background noise, and I am not ashamed to admit that I adore Meryl Streep.

My two finals are separating me from the rest of my life. Boy, will Friday and Saturday be surreal.

Tomorrow, I am going to hatha yoga class. I’ve definitely missed doing yoga, but I haven’t had time since last semester. Plus, nothing beats yoga classes in Santa Cruz. Just sayin..